Privacy Policy

This privacy policy note will describe how we treat the information collected from you. All your data and information shared with us after visiting our website or office is kept secure, strictly governed, and protected as outlined by the policies highlighted in this note.

Covered Areas of Privacy Policy!

  • Prospective and existing clients and customers
  • Supplier contacts of our Products and Services
  • Employees and temporary team
  • Visitors of our website

Cookies Policy

What Types Of Cookies Are Present On Our Website?

Cookies are small data files stored on your device (laptop, mobile etc.) while visiting a website. We use cookies to collect your information, such as your IP address, type of browser in use, and type of operating system being used. Required cookies are used to maintain the functional cookies present to enhance users’ experience of our website and enable us to analyze market research and display better communication. These can be opted out from the cookies preferences at any time. The website’s functionality is stored whenever a user is on our websites, such as session, authentification and security cookies. These can be used to identify a particular user, and there is no way to avoid this type of cookie. On the other hand, we have

Are There Third Parties Collecting Cookies For Various Purposes?

Since we do not have advertisements on our website, third parties collecting cookies are very limited in scale. If there’s a link to social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, we do not pass any information of our website visitors to third parties. The collected information remains secure on our server and is only used to improve user experience. Advertising cookies are not present on our website for the moment. However, if we introduce them in future, we will be sure to give you an option in the preferences section for your convenience and consent.

What Is The Expiration Period Of Cookies?

Our cookies are, by default, expired after 3 days; some cookies, such as session cookies, are deleted once the session is closed permanently.

Where Are The Cookies Sent And How Is The Information Collected Used, And With Whom Is It Shared?

The cookies and the information collected remain on our server temporarily; neither of the two is shared with any third parties. The company ensures that our user’s data and information are treated securely using technical measures.

The Possible Ways To Avoid Cookies Being Stored And Giving The Right To The Visitor To Choose?

You can always cancel or accept cookies by choosing from the pop-up option initiated every time a new user visits our website using a new session. The cookies preferences can be adjusted using your browser and remove existing cookies.