Our professional services

Our Company also provides SMS services as all our respected partners are working on SMS as well. This will make our relationship more strong with our partners . We ensure fastest and good delivery rate of SMS
We provide best quality voice services to our respected partners. We are interconnected with more than a hundred companies which include direct operators and well known companies of VOIP.

SMS Quality Levels

Only direct operator routes come under this section which ensures high quality service. We have direct working routes for Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

Our trusted partners offers us these routes with economical rates with good quality service.

VOICE Quality Levels

CLI stands for caller Line Identification. In CLI Route the recipient will receive the call after it goes through a chain of carriers. In this type of VOIP Route, the Caller ID is visible to the recipient of the call.

Non-CLI stands for Non-Caller Line Identification. The Caller ID is not visible at the call destination in this type of Non-CLI.